On Learning to Program - Welcome!

OLTP is a set of resources for Job Seekers in the Technology Industry, not just for programmers! I'm sharing what I've learned after 15 years across a whole bunch of different startups, advocating a human-first approach to job seeking. If you're struggling to find work, sorry, that's rough! It's a challenging industry to break into, and I want to help where I can.


  • Why Spamming Job Applications Doesn't Work and What to Try Instead

    Sending out 300, 400, 600, or more resumes and hearing nothing back, or maybe only a few interviews. Hand-crafting cover letters over and over until ChatGPT has nothing on you because you’ve practiced so much. Getting ghosted after interviews. Spending day after day, week after week searching for job listings, writing cover letters, and sending off applications (including re-entering the resume details in proprietary systems), all with the hope that someone, somewhere, will offer you a chance.

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  • What programming languages do programmers use in the real world?

    You may have recently embarked on your programming journey, or you’re learning your first programming language. You’re considering getting a job and wondering if Python is only used for interviews and may be less commonly used in day-to-day tasks during jobs or internships. Should you consider learning other languages like Java or JavaScript for better prospects in future job opportunities? What should you learn first? And, now that you’ve started learning, are you learning the right thing?

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